Sinus Cocktail Shot

Instant and sustaining relief from the congestion and sinus pressure or pain of sinusitis can be found at Body Works. Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies, caught a cold or experience sinus pain or pressure for another reason, our sinus cocktail shot can help you find symptom relief while also giving you an added energy boost and helping to improve your overall well-being.

Continue reading to see how our sinus cocktail shot could help you next time you experience sinus pain, pressure and congestion.

What is a Sinus Cocktail?

A sinus cocktail is a form of treatment that is designed to provide symptom relief from sinusitis caused by common colds and allergies. The sinus cocktail is administered as an injection which helps to provide quick, almost immediate symptom relief.

Sinus Cocktails can Help After a Cold

It is often assumed that because sinus cocktails provide symptom relief, you only need them when you are experiencing a cold. While a sinus cocktail can certainly help you when you have a cold, it can help you after you have a cold.

Many times, sinus pain, pressure and congestion continue long after your cold. A sinus cocktail can provide you with symptom relief for those lingering cold symptoms that never seem to go away.

Why Get a Sinus Cocktail?

Some of the benefits of a sinus cocktail include:

What medications are in a Sinus Cocktail?

When creating our sinus cocktail, we carefully select ingredients that not only provide immediate relief, but can help improve your overall well-being. A combination of B12 and steroids are the typical ingredients used in our sinus cocktail.

During your personal consultation, we can answer any questions you have about the ingredients we use in our sinus cocktail. We can also help you better understand how you, personally, benefit from the use of these ingredients.

Need Relief from Sinus Pain, Pressure and Congestion? Visit Body Works Today!

Symptoms from a cold or allergies can come on suddenly. Body Works understands that when you experience the pain and pressure of sinusitis you want symptom relief as soon as possible. Luckily, there is little to no waiting times for our offices. 

For the fastest symptom relief, we encourage you to contact us at the first signs of any sinus pain, pressure or congestion. We will do our best to accommodate you and get you in for an appointment quickly. You can call our Franklin location at (615) 790-2548 or call our Nolensville office at 615-941-1000.