Women's Hormone Therapy

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Hormone Therapy Options at Body Works in Franklin, TN

Hormonal fluctuations can trigger a variety of physical responses from acne and hair loss to heart palpitations and infertility. Getting an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms and hormone levels is the first step toward feeling better. Our Body Works nurse practitioner, Krystal Lynch, WHNP-BC, works with you to determine why you are experiencing hormonal fluctuations, evaluates your symptoms and then develops a personal care plan to help reduce your symptoms and restore hormonal balance. If you are in a transitional life phase such as menopause, or are experiencing hormonal challenges such as skipping periods or infertility, Body Works invites you to speak with us about hormone therapy including progesterone treatment, estrogen treatment and testosterone therapy.

Signs and Symptoms of Hormonal Fluctuations

You may be surprised to learn that your skin is one of the place you experience signs of hormonal imbalances. For example, you may see and feel skin changes such as:

Other symptoms of hormonal imbalances include:

As a woman’s estrogen and progesterone, two of the hormones that regulate a woman’s cycle, change in intensity levels, your body responds to those changes in many of the ways listed above. Over time, these symptoms may lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, so we encourage you to speak with our health professional today to understand the changes in your body and to examine if hormone therapy will help reduce the severity of your symptoms and restore hormonal balance.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, also known as BHRT, include a combination of estrogen and progesterone to help regulate hormone levels. While different types of hormone therapy are available, BHRTs focus on the bioidentical, which means at the molecular level, these therapies are identical to natural hormones. The goal with using a BHRT is to help restore your natural hormone levels and reduce the signs and symptoms of hormone fluctuations. If you are experiencing symptoms of menopause such as a decrease in period regularity or dramatic mood swings, our nurse practitioner will meet with you at our Franklin Tennessee office to discuss the benefits of beginning BHRT. Our Body Works staff is here to assist you throughout the process and will answer all your questions regarding the various hormone therapy options.

Estrogen Treatment

Estrogen therapy is useful when you are experiencing low levels of estrogen such as during menopause. Low estrogen levels cause many of the above symptoms and may also lead to an increased risk for heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and osteoporosis. Our BHRT therapy uses estrogen to help restore this hormone level to protect your heart. You will also notice changes in your skin, hair, sleep, mood, concentrate and muscle tissue. Our estrogen treatment therapy is designed to fit your individual needs and help return your quality of life to a level you desire. For example, if you are experiencing an increased amount of joint pain, estrogen therapy may be helpful in reducing your discomfort.

Progesterone Treatment

Progesterone treatment therapies work together with estrogen treatment to improve the way you look and feel. In addition, restoring progesterone levels offers protection against breast cancer, depression, heart disease and osteoporosis. Our BHRT therapy includes progesterone to assist in lowering cholesterol levels, improve sleep and restore your body to healthy weight levels.

Testosterone Therapy

The above list of symptoms which correspond to hormonal imbalances and fluctuations, may also be signs of decreasing testosterone levels. While women do not produce as much testosterone as men, a women’s body still needs this hormone for bone and muscle growth, maintaining healthy weight, and supporting sex drive. Our nurse practitioner will evaluate all your hormone levels, including testosterone to determine if testosterone replacement therapy will benefit you and reduce your symptoms. Many women have experienced benefits from testosterone therapy including:

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If you live in or near Franklin, TN and are searching for information on hormone replacement therapies, Body Works invites you to call or stop in to our clinic. Our nurse practitioner will meet with you, discuss your symptoms and evaluate your hormone levels before developing a hormone therapy plan to fit your needs. You do not have to live with daily uncertainty or confusion any longer. Let us show you how hormone therapy helps. Contact Body Works today at (615) 790-2548.